Hey Girls! 

Julia Alexander here, the founder of #SL CLVB. 

This is a super important project I have been working on for a long time now. 

I started the club with a very clear vision: to empower women to strive for self-love , self - confidence and self-improvement!

In today society, Self-Love is more important than ever due to the impossible high standards set by social media and superficial requirements in the fashion industry. The concept of self love in our club goes beyond the acceptance of one self.  If you reach a point in life where you look at yourself and you are not happy with the reflection, you don’t have to settle but you have TAKE ACTIONS Instead. Self love is more than just accepting your self , it is truly loving yourself which also means understanding when your body needs help and a change.  This is our mission and our mindset: we do not accept less than the best for our selves.

I am originally from Italy and as you know WE ARE CRAZY FOR FASHION!  that’s why I have decided to combine the concept of empowerment with my big passion for fashion designing. 

Our exclusive CLVB designs are composed of high quality range of clothing who are suitable for all women. Constantly we are working on creating new fashion pieces for you that you will not only feel comfortable wearing, but that you would be proud of.

At the end of the day, #SL CLVB is a community and a brand created from my own intuition, passions and inspiration. I am proud of myself and of all people supporting this project.

I am learning from others but I never copy,  after all, my personal mission of empowering women who wear my pieces is something that can’t be easily replicated.