We are famous to be the creators of #BestSeamlessAustralia

We are the only activewear brand in Australia, importing a particular fabric from Italy called ALICANTE BY CARVICO ( for more info please visit their website www.carvico.com) 

It is a very high quality textile made from recycled plastic. It is very important for you to know what you are wearing and where it comes from. We are not part of the fast fashion industry. Every piece we create, every collection we launch is made with heart and care to provide you with the best quality of Activewear. If you are looking for the best quality seamless, you are in the right place ! 

We are the only fashion line dedicated to women who support female empowerment. No matter the size, we exist, to support the beauty in YOU. A unique brand created for people who want to reveal their genuine beauty with an honest and realistic expression.  We are a fashion label as much as a collective group of like minded women who get together for fashion shows , life-style and social events around Australia.


You are a strong woman and you should be represented by a brand that supports you. The fact that you are reading this is not a mere coincidence, your journey in life has lead you to this point where you are now realising there is a brand just for you. We're not all about skinny girls looking pretty, although we do cater for you too. We are a real brand with real women. Now you have discovered us it's your duty to share the brand and our message with others, who can too join the clvb.  


We started this project with a clear vision: sharing the concept of Self-Love through timeless fashion and social events. 


Just reach us out girl ! You are only one message away from us !
Whatever we can do for you, we will.