We are here to empower women and change the perception of today's fashion standards from "look at me" to "listen to me". It's our responsibility to break the rules and embrace our own style. The true secret of luxury resides in the detail and the greatest thing about our fashion is that we are constantly looking forward to create your next personal style.


SEXY X LUXE ATHLEISURE WEAR Designed in Australia & manufactured in Bali with consciousness.

At SELF LOVE CLVB, Comfort and style is at our core. We believe that when feel self love, you feel self confident and nothing is sexier than that.

SLC is an authentic arthleisure wear brand designed in Australia and created from the most luxurious & eco-friendly Italian fabrics. Effortless style has never been easier.

Our style is extremely versatile and will effortlessly transition from day to night in comfortable style.

SLC timeless pieces are exclusively designed by the founders, Julia & Idris Alexander. 


Hi! We are Julia & Idris Alexander, founders of SELF LOVE CLVB.

We started design for SLC in 2020 and our passion for fashion has brought us to make new collections every month. With our designs we want you to feel confident, self loved and sexy. There is no better thing than wearing something that is comfy and also look sexy with your shapes.

In today's society, Self-Love is more important than ever due to the impossibly high standards set by social media and the superficial requirements in the fashion industry.

The concept of self love in our club goes beyond the mere acceptance of one's self. If you reach a point in life where you look at yourself and you are not happy with the reflection, you don’t have to settle, but you must take action.

Self love is more than just accepting yourself , it is loving yourself which also means understanding when your body and mind needs help and a change. This is our mission and our mindset: we do not accept less than the best for ourselves.


Our difference stays in the fabric. We import from our owner's birth town in Italy quality textiles made from recycled plastic

So far, we have introduce the following fabrics:




We believe that it's important for you to know what you are wearing and where it comes from. We are not part of the fast fashion industry. 

Every piece we create and every collection we launch is made with heart and care to provide you with the best quality clothing at an affordable price, without cutting corners.

For centuries, Italian Fashion has been known for its craftsmanship and luxury, but also for its creativity and passion.

Italian design is bold, glamorous and always has something to say. There is something about Italian fashion that is completely captivating: it celebrates women and empowers them.

How do I know? I'm ITALIAN!


You are a strong woman and you should be represented by a brand that supports you.

The fact that you are reading this is not a mere coincidence, your journey in life has lead you to this point where you are now realising there is a brand just for you. We're not all about skinny girls looking pretty, although we do cater for you too. We are a real brand with real women.

Now you have discovered us it's your duty to share the brand and our message with others, who can too join the clvb.

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