Top 10 SELF LOVE Lovelies


We're not gonna lie, some days you need a bit of a SELF LOVE BOOST!!! In no particular order, here are our top 10 'Self Love Lovelies' (try and say that 10 times super fast!) who have made the list by speaking about the topic of self love, how to achieve it, and general NUGGETS of wisdom.


Muchelle B

From Australia, Muchelle B has made tonnes of interesting and helpful videos that cover self love, self improvement and self help tips to improve your life. Click the link below to watch her fantastic video:

"5 Actual, Real Ways to Practice Self Love" 


Caitlyn Roux

Caitlyn gets real with her Ted Talk and really highlights some important points in the 8 minute video, for example how in one of her previous relationships she needed her partner to show her love in order to feel self worth, when in fact that feeling should come from within.


Adelaine Morin

She's all for girl power, girls empowering other girls, and speaks about self love in a way that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy with her bright vibrant personality :) Below is a link to her video how to be a badass, have confidence and self love.



This video highlights Oprah's Top tips for self love and as she's as moving and motivational as always. Check it out, your won't regret it.


Carrie Rad

5 Self Love Habits that Changed My Life.

Asha Christina 

Some real advice.


Lavan Daire

Lavan Daire talks about how self love is the foundation for confidence, self worth, self respect and forgiveness and how you shouldn't underestimate its power!


Jen Oliver 


Simple Happy Zen

7 top tips for self love. 


Alan Watts

The one and only. If you haven't heard him speak before, you will find him very easy to listen to.


If you are on your journey to self love, knowing about these people and what they say will really help you reach your self love goals quicker. Even for those of us who have reached a high level of self love, as mentioned before sometimes we all need a little boost! If you are interested in learning more about self love, you should definitely check these influential people out. 


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