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Stop Letting People Walk All Over You


Let me say that again.. People aren’t always going to have the same heart as you (sigh).

Damn I wish this wasn’t the truth. I would love to live in a world where kindness is everyone’s main priority. Where people help people. To grow in their careers, in their relationships and in life. A world where we prioritize personal growth and development and root for each other. Maybe it’s silly for me to believe that such a world could ever exist, but I’ll never stop believing that it could.

Part of the self-love journey is about getting to know yourself personally, on a deeper level. Learning to accept yourself as you are and becoming your own best friend. It’s about taking the time to focus on yourself, to find your inner strength, inner voice and confidence. To figure out who it is you want to be. Doing the inner work by yourself to create a beautiful place inside of yourself, so that when you’re ready- you can express and share this with the outside world around you. Yes this might be what it’s about but part of the self-love journey is also about learning to stand up for yourself. Learning to confront people, to deal with them face to face. Learning to confront conflict head-on. It’s not easy, trust me, but you’ve got to protect yourself. You’ve got to have your own back because at the end of the day when people disappoint you, which they will, you WILL be okay. Because you know that you’ve got you."

 - Caitlyn Roux


Caitlyn Roux is a self love activist whom we have mentioned on our blogs before, and we really love the teachings she has to offer. You can read the rest of this blog post and many more on her website which is linked to her instagram here.


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So blessed to have come across this blog and this yoga wear collection.
Self love is a personal journey but a walk to remember … it’s not a sprint.
To find your self and know your self and love your self is the greatest testament to loyalty and self care-it’s a gift ❤️🙏🏼💓⭕️♾🌀💫✨♥️🌱


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